July 15, 2018

Am I ?

Things changed.. That's how I feel now.

No matter how much I want to see you
No matter how much I want to hear your voice
No matter how much I want feel the warmth of your skin
No matter how much I miss you..

I can't and will never ever to get you first..

Is this going to be forever ?
Can I go with it ?
Am I really ready for this ?

July 4, 2018

Only Reminds Me Of You

Do you .. ?

We're getting farther away.
We're not as warm as you used to come to my life.

What is wrong ? ..
Who is wrong ? ..

Has the heart changed ? ..

Do you ? ..

May 27, 2018

Is it too much ?

When loving you and wanted you to be mine
When Hopping on you and want it to be forever
When counting on you that my happiness will be coming from you, always
When I feel so insecure knowing that your past was so beautiful
When realizing that You and I will never be the same.  

Is it too much ?

May 20, 2018

I'm Waiting

No matter how much I hate this
No matter how much I mad at you
No matter how much tears that fell out

I keep on looking at my phone, and hoping for a mssg notification from you.

Yes, I'm waiting ..

May 7, 2018

It Hurt's

Knowing that thing's will get to the point when I will not be able to express it again..

Knowing that he can't do anything about it ..

Knowing that I will be back to where I used to be ..

Knowing that I cannot do anything about it and the tears is falling ..

It hurt's ..

April 17, 2018

Is it the right thing .. ?

Rasa itu sudah mulai ada
Keinginan untuk memiliki dia sudah kuat
Cemburu sudah mulai sering datang
Air mata sudah hinggap

Mencintai mu bukan hal yang sulit, tetapi melupakan rasa untuk bisa memiliki mu itu yang belum bisa aku lakukan sampai sekarang ..

Apakah memang ini jalan yang diberikan. Hadiah indah yang tidak ingin aku lepaskan ..

March 30, 2018

Another "Damn It" Situation

What is it with falling in love .. I hate it !
I hate the feeling when I miss you and I can't reach you..

The situation when you will always able to reach me when you miss me and I can't do the same ..

Damn it Babe !!